Mapping WiFi Coverage In Our New Space

It’s been a very long haul to get here, but we have finally moved into our new space courtesy of the generous support of The Oxford Trust charity.

The new address, for those who are unaware, is as follows:

Oxford Hackspace, Oxford Centre For Innovation, New Road, Oxford OX1 1BY, · United Kingdom

One problem with the new space is that it has many concrete walls and pillars, so may not be the perfect environment for WiFi signals. In time we will have an array of access points throughout the space, but for now we will have to make do with just one.

So how will it perform? To find out, we put an access point in the corridor at the centre of the space, and noted the signal strength as measured with a tablet in each metre square of the space’s floor plan. This was as simple as writing the dB figures on a map of the space. This was then transferred to a spreadsheet with the X-Y co-ordinates corresponding to spreadsheet squares, and a set of formulae were used to change the background colours depending on the figures. The result is a WiFi heatmap for our space, and shows that the coverage shouldn’t be as bad as expected.

OxHack's WiFi survey map
OxHack’s WiFi survey map

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