How to find us

For the past two years, Oxford Hackspace has been operating out of a large and lovely space in the very centre of Oxford.

The location is in the basement of the Oxford Centre for Innovation, just downhill from the Castle Mound on New Road:

When visiting, please use the Oxhack basement entrance and not the main glass doors of the building to enter.

To find the Oxhack entrance, from the front doors of the building, look to your right along the front of the building until you see wood panelling near the corner of the carpark.

On approaching it you’ll see that there is a stairway leading downwards next to it. Take those steps. Once you’ve reached the bottom, you’re in the right place, so ring the doorbell and someone will let you in!

If you need assistance entering the building, please phone the landline: 01865 261462.

Yes! We are glad to say that the building and the hackspace are now both accessible, please call for assistance.

Finally, always check the Opening Hours or Technician Hours before stopping by, as they occasionally vary a day or two before.