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Announcing RiverHack 1.0

Announcing *RiverHack 1.0*, a hackathon bringing together citizens and waterway user communities with water scientists, environmental charities, the Environment Agency, local government and a mass of programmers, artists and data scientists, to together hear what the challenges to river health are, and to see what we can do about them. Continue reading “Announcing RiverHack 1.0”

Oxhack Does Hackaday Global Create Day

This Saturday, April 23rd, simultaneous to the traditional games play/hack, a second event will also be running. The event is the Hackaday World Create Day 2016, which is a design challenge which prompts people to get together in groups or alone, at the same time as many other nodes elsewhere in the world, and using their design, mechanical and other skills, try to come up with some great technical ideas for solving social problems. The groups then submit their ideas to the site, which will feature the best ideas on their front page, and “there will be prizes.”

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