We are Oxford Hackspace

October 1st, 2018:
As of 1st March 2018, we are sad to say that Oxhack has had to close its doors at its city centre location due to the withdrawal of support for our continued operations there by the building owners. Please get in contact if you know of suitable spaces for our community. We are really busy right now dealing with the closure and next space search. Follow our Meetup page to be notified of upcoming pop-up events in the interim, and our Twitter stream for updates as we secure our next premises!

Oxford Hackspace is a welcoming community tools workshop in Oxford city centre, that anyone can join.

In equal parts inventor’s skunkworks, crafter’s paradise, startup accelerator and social change hub, we also run training workshops and events and operate a prototyping service for local businesses to get new products made.

Come work in 3D printing, laser cutting, wood, metal, electronics, sewing, programming, radio, shoemaking, stained glass, social change, or anything else in the company of our lovely, like-minded and skilled community of makers.